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I'm back from Worldcon and into the fall semester, so I'm taking my opportunity now to report on the month of August that was--and give a few more details about my upcoming project Icarus to boot.  Without further ado: 1.  I feel like I've been saying this a lot about the conventions...
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Hi all,      In just a few short hours I'll be on my way to Gen Con and the Writers' Symposium for the seventh time...and as always, I'm very pumped up for it.  Details of my schedule are over on my Schedule page--if you're anywhere near the Indianapolis area, please come...
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I just got back from Columbus after a great Origins convention weekend, and as promised I wanted to post a couple of my thoughts before I head off again for a couple of days with the family (and in between writing projects on top of that)--and also update you on a cool new Kickstarter I'm...
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So, what have I been doing, you may ask? Well, even if you haven't asked, allow me to tell you. This week I finished my taxes—well, my American ones at least. The good news is that I'm getting a big refund. The bad news is I will probably spend all of it on the tail end of this year of grad school...
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Today I'm basking in the warm spotlight over at the speculative fiction webzine SpecFicPick. This is a great blog for readers of speculative fiction, because it'll help you find the good stuff out there. In short, SpecFicPick is "dedicated to providing quality content for readers of...
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...on my work(s) in progress can be found here: http://www.jpsmith.org/blog.htm
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I'm in the final week of my semester and just past a fairly significant writing stretch, and that means I've got a window of a couple of days to get caught up on everything else I haven't been able to do over the past few weeks--most notably, update my blog!  It's been from lack of time,...
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You can get the podcast of Brave Men Run for free on iTunes. I listened to all 15 of the 30-minute episodes straight through. What an amazing story!!! If you prefer written words, pop by the kickstarter page for the sequel, Pilgrimage. www.kickstarter.com At the bottom of the page is a link. In...
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By the time you see this, I'll already be on my way to Canada for Ad Astra, one of my favorite conventions.  Details are on my Schedule page; if you're in the Toronto area, please stop by and check it out! Greg
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I've mentioned this before, but now it's official: the Table of Contents for the new anthology When the Villain Comes Home, edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood, has just been posted, and as you'll be able to see my contribution "The Presuil's Call" proudly sits in the company of some...