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Motivated by her concern after the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, Kathryn Erskine wrote mockingbird (mok′ ing-bûrd) to examine how families cope after a sudden tragedy.  Erksine’s first-person narrator is a ten-year-old girl with Asperger’s syndrome named Caitlin Ann Smith.  Caitlin is...
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The world is just bound and determined to make me take a stand on the "R Word", isn't it? The short story of why this came up this week is this: An old friend from high school had a comment thread going on Facebook, about politics and Osama bin Laden and all that, and another person...
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I chat with Becky as her puppy, Nala, rolls on the ground between us, that round little body savoring every position it can get into: left, right, head up, head down, on back, on stomach, nose to tail, tail to nose, up on all fours, strutting, tumbling, squirming, panting. Becky adopts and...
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I'm going to start off by saying that I had no idea who Bernie Goldberg was before this. A few minutes on Wikipedia and his own website told me plenty, that he's got a snappy suit with a nice tie, and that he's a conservative writer with a penchant for hyperbolic book titles. And that's fine,...
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Sarah Palin is NOT an expert on children with special needs and the political correctness or whatever it is that has designated her one is seriously annoying me.  What are people thinking?  Yes, Sarah and Todd Palin have a son with Down Syndrome.  Yes, they knew about his disability and chose to...
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Gentle readers, I have a new heroine. A She-ro, if we are being politically correct. People say she looks like Drew Barrymore, but I think she resembles a young Louise Brooks. She loves dinosaurs and she loves to laugh. Her name is Schuyler Noelle Rummel-Hudson. Let me tell you about her, because...