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I finished a first “official” edit of Jaguar Pride, but will make several passes through before I send it to my beta readers. I have a scene I need to add, and a couple of loose ends I need to cover. But I needed to take a break from it and start fresh with it tomorrow. Which means? I started on...
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Ever since we lived in our house, our neighbour's huge flowering, dome-shaped bush has been a constant source of entertainment as it is right outside the large window by our eating area. Because so many tiny birds made their homes within the thick bush, Hubby and I dubbed it the "Condo Bush." Mid-...
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sparrowsfrolicking and sexing -spring
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game of chasetwitterssparrows 
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Winged light -Soft white chestsOf sparrows. 
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Two sparrows live in the plastic tree in the midcourt of the mall, near the faux marble waterfall under the plexidome sky. I whisper: At least you can fly. I'll distract them. Save yourselves. Flee!  
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It's Spring, my friends.  To help yourself really see it and note it and to develop your eye for color, detail and reverberation, try this exercise:  Over the next few days, take the time to linger over and observe (or even interact with) scenes that catch your attention.  Make notes on as many of...