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Since I've always felt an affinity with Europe, I'm grateful for foreign rights sales to Heidegger's Glasses.  So strange to have something that seemingly began with a  title to travel to places I've never yet had a chance to visit--now including Brazil. 
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There are some guests that one has on a radio program that you just can't get enough of, that you want to chat away for hours two, or as in the case of my special guest on "A Book and a Chat" you ask back for second or third appearances. Today I am so please to have as my guest on...
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  When my children were younger they frequently interrogated me regarding my favorites.  Favorite color, favorite cookie, favorite monster etc.  I generally dodged these questions because I found them so hard to answer.  My favorite?  I had too many, couldn’t decide on one.  Even five was hard...
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"Sometimes a man hits upon a place to which he mysteriously feels he belongs." Okay, so I'm not a man--but W. Somerset Maugham's words reflect the way I felt when I first arrived as an exchange student in Seville, Spain more than 25 years ago.   I lived in the oldest part of the city,...
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STORYHEARTS SUNDAY UK BLOG - A HOLIDAY ROMANCE One of the things that has been mentioned by some regarding my book "Across the Pond" is how can anybody fall for, or care for somebody is just a few days as do Fred and Brit? My answer is... Do you not have holiday romances in the US?...
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The basketball game is in the fourth quarter with only 6 minutes left to paly.  Spain vs. Greece.  And ever since about the halfway mark of the 3rd quarter the Spanish team has been flying.  the score is Spain 73 and Greece 54.  The Spanish team is on fire! the Greek team is tired and can't keep up...
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I remember when gazpacho was all the rage. Every restaurant, Spanish or not had a version. Some were good, some were competent, while other were just tomato juice in a bowl. Well this summer has been a lousy one for tomatoes, too cold and wet and I am not sure the heat we are experiencing now will...
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The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs is organizing donations of books to libraries and schools in the Gaza Strip. I'm delighted to learn that my Palestinian crime novels are included on the list, which I should add includes works by many of my favorite Arab and Muslim writers (I'm a big fan...
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Did you play Monopoly when you were a kid? Did you play it alot? Do you remember how you felt initially about buying Boardwalk (Mayfair) and Park Place (Park Lane)? They were too expensive, right? What happens to the game when a new player enters who can set and change the rules in the middle of...