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The Martian Andy Weir Science Fiction - Adult Pop quiz: 1) Do you ever stare at the night sky wondering if there is life out there? 2) Ever tried to levitate something with your mind? 3) Have you ever secretly (or not so secretly) watch Star Trek? Houston, we have lift off. You like science...
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Two quick questions.  Any advice offered would be appreciated: The owner of a local boutique has offered me the chance to have a book signing at her shop.  I've had a few pieces published, and the rights have reverted back to me by now.  I've already requested 25 copies of a snazzy-...
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December 1     Poorly Chirping   She writes poetry like fusion jazz, more fun to make than to listen to.  She stands at the podium serving as a bad example.  I pray as she reads, “Lord, please don’t let me get sucked into the self-importance of bad poetry for the sake of...
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The moment you stand still is when you will finally see; see the wonder, see the hell. Pieces of your existence at your feet, scattered on the ground like clippings, scooting across the earth as the wind changes direction--seasons changing. The death of summer births fall and, at the end, after all...
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Photo: The movie's poster, from its Wikipedia page.  Read that, too.  Interesting stuff.   Other than the incredibly obnoxious idiots talking and exclaiming behind me all through the movie, I have nothing but superlatives to say about the movie Gravity.  (Admittedly, the...
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Photo: Movie's poster, from its Wikipedia page.   Elysium is a very satisfying action / sci-fi movie with a surprisingly blatant social commentary about immigration and health care.  Because immigration is such a fireplug, your stance on it may very well decide how you enjoy the movie...
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Interesting story out of NASA today that cought my eye. NASA released this magnificant picture of Galaxy NGC 6744 on Monday as a farewell to the Galaxy Evolution Explorer telescope which took it. The space agency turned off the telescope on June 28 after more than 10 years of...
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My mother is renovating the huge basement of her house into an apartment. This is good as in all the years we lived there, it hardly got used. It was a place to stash stuff we didn't use much. On rare occasions we thought of using the jacuzzi that was there, and maybe the billiard table. I had a...
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  May 22         Inspection       My disease paid a discourtesy call on my bourgeoning sobriety.  Peeked in to look for cracks in my foundation; weaknesses to exploit.  I recognized the patch job I had toyed with would have made the easiest of...
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I don’t know if I can ever dream a dream as lonely as being in space With Shapes That morph Speckles of static Neon rainbow bright No Gravity Like In Womb I was a child Dreaming