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Summer in the South moves at a slower pace.  The heat is oppressive as in many places, but the humidity, Dear Baby Jesus!! The humidity makes walking outside feel like breathing underwater while on perfectly good land! One of the greatest past times in a Southern summer is the inventive...
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Southernisms.  I am sure there are Northernisms but I was born and bred in the South and have no idea what those would be.  To be fair, my ears are used to the slow and sweet molasses sound of the South.  It took years of practice for those ears to catch up to the fast paced, chopped...
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It just so happens that today my beloved Kelyn (that's my daughter, in case you don't know that fact)  came in talking about school and used another of my favorite Southernisms in her description of the day's events.  This set my mind to thinking (as minds in the South are liable to do)...