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An intersection of roads in Southern France is marked by a cross sitting atop a stone pillar, attesting to the religiosity of pathways in this region.  Motoring along local, often single lane roads, it is not uncommon to approach a diversion and there is a cross.  The legend on regional...
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Tucked in the middle of Southern France, with the Pyrenees rimming the horizon on a clear day, is Durban.  We enter from the West.  Thank God we had a GPS, because even with our Michelin map, this is remote country side.  We are wrapped in that iconic patchwork of many-hued, squared-...
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Looking for a refreshing lift?  Try these three latest sound poems from southern France: http://redroom.com/member/jane-p-perry/media/audio/toulouse-street-soundz http://redroom.com/member/jane-p-perry/media/audio/carrousel http://redroom.com/member/jane-p-perry/media/audio/lamb-surround and...
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It's Monday morning, and we are eating outside on the gravel-covered terrasse under the spreading mulberry trees at our country hotel. It is quiet, peaceful and larks are fluting in the trees.  Eventually, we brush off our croissant crumbs (creating a little snow storm of crust bits because the...