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A Geezer's Journal Getting old. And older.   We all need heroes As a writer, I've had my share of dreams and fantasies. I've long since abandoned some of them--Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, MacArthur Award and various other honors in a galaxy far, far away. But then there are dreams and...
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Marked by canals completed in the 1600’s to bring commerce from the Mediterranean into the south of France, we arrive into the seaport of Sète to find jousting by gondola, a sport that dates to at least the 12th Century.  Spectators line the canal and hang from the closest bridge as announcers...
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I finally found a great place in the South of France where we can pass a week by simply idling beside the David Hockney swimming pool whilst fixing our eyes on the olive trees and vineyards within easy reach of weary hands and minds. To say we need a holiday is a gross understatement. The past year...
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in Paris after two weeks in the south of France without internet. The world becomes a much smaller place without the web.  Thank god for the daily paper (sometimes). Not entirely without internet.  We discovered that the village hotel (**) cum cafe has a connection that works, mostly, and that for...
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Hot here.  Hot and no fog, which means the temperature doesn't drop at the end of the day as the fog rolls in over the the coastal hills.  We pulled the square small turquoise (50's kitchen turquoise) fan out of the cupboard--first time we've needed it in this apartment.  Set up the ironing board...
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I'm sitting on the patio next door to my studio, where I can get wi fi access.  Today was a perfect day, and it's not half over.  I wrote all morning, a poem that may hold up under scrutiny--"What Would Baudelaire Do?"  A love poem, of course, filled with perfume.  Ate some good crusty...