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Silke Liria Blumbach, a German poetess, translator,blogger writes a few lines after reading my novel The Dark Abode. I want to share her words with my readers:   "As if you have been inspired by us by writing the novel... You understand what few people understand: that a very deep love...
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 My friend, the brilliant poet Pireeni Sundaralingam has just sent an announcement about one wild and crazy literary event and one more subdued literary event, both in Los Angeles this weekend. I pass this message along to all you LA literati: From Pireeni: I'm involved in an amazing one-of-a-...
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It is ironic that in India, the premier persons who came forward to claim ‘women’s rights’ were not women but were men. Balaram Das, a sixteenth century poet, very well known inside Orissa but lesser known to out side world, is considered as the premier of feminism. As feminism developed in Western...
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What could trump reading a wonderful novel by a great novelist?  Well, reading with a dog draped across your lap.  Here is our Lord Byron in lapdom while my husband reads Amitov Ghosh's THE SEA OF POPPIES.   He's been a huge Ghosh fan since he read SHADOWLINES.  This novel is thumbs up, too.  Lord...