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The term "noir " has become so universally misused-like other vague descriptives such as "Freudian," "post-modern," and "cute"-that it's virtually a cipher, obscuring more than it clarifies. Ask three different people if a certain writer is "noir,...
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In a previous blog entry, I took on the challenge of deconstructing publisher rejection letters. I received a considerable number of positive comments from readers. Most of them were French intellectuals writing post-modern literary theory. One expressed his admiration by sending me a carton of...
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I would like to attend.   Pennsylvania Bar Session Focuses On Literature And The Law  PBI has planned a seminar titled The Law and Literature: Why Thinking like a Storyteller and not a Lawyer Will Help You Win Jury Trials. The event is being held Monday, December 7, at the PBI CLE Conference...
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Doing 60, 90, 120…ignoring or liberally interpreting the yellow “RIGHT LANE ENDS, MERGE NOW” sign, the driver of a white pick up truck scattering gravel in the break down lane passed us and cut us off, the raised bumper inches from ours, the dual exhaust rumbling.  I was captaining our station...