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 Capitolfest 12 is Central New York’s premier summer Cinephile film festival; a place to see rarely shown and newly-discovered films of the silent and early talkie era, held at the historic 1,788-seat movie palace, the Capitol Theatre, in Rome, New York, which opened in December,...
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Since Christmas I’ve been immersed in a nice big stack of brand new Velva Jean research books, including one about the MGM backlot, the most famous backlot in history. Everything from The Wizard of Oz to Ben-Hur to Singin’ in the Rain was shot there, and it’s estimated that twenty percent of...
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The recent story of Bay Area writer Joe Quirk who is suing Sony Pictures and others over copyright infringement contains a number of disheartening facts: “Even at (a) time when the value of intellectual property is perhaps higher than ever, with local technology companies including Google and Apple...