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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 7 I looked for positive remarks regarding the Federal reserve banking system. I found none, however, I did find interesting views on our income tax system. One interview with a former IRS agent and republican congressman Ron Paul. The interview was over...
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 The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 has many conspiracy theories tied to it’s purpose. I’m going to outline some of the top conspiracy theories published online and abroad in relation to the FRA of 1913. 1. The Rothschild’s family is controlling the world through the Federal Reserve Banking system and...
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 5 I've been engaged in indepth historical research on The United States of America forefathers their visions for economic tranquility and the American people's revolution of religious freedom.  I discovered a great deal of facts and was able to look at...
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The Great Exploitation Proliferation Chapter 4 I'm going to start with the beginning and bring you up to this age. Record and science backs up the origins of man kind being traced to the survivors of the great flood of Noah recorded in the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible of the Old Testament...
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Welcome to my new blog! I've decided to take a more personal approach to my new blogs and talk to you all as if you were my family... so what up fam? Of course, all biological family are not "family" so to speak but everyone has their portion and I encourage everyone to count their...