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Health care is the great pet issue of Democrats; of liberals and the Left; and of non-Americans (Canada, Cuba, et al). It is an emotional issue and easy to exploit. After all, everybody can use health care. Getting sick is something that happens to all people, so health care affects us all, right?...
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It's happened to you and it's happened to me. The car goes in because there's a noise in the engine and the minute you pull into the repair bay the mechanic starts adding up random numbers in his head. He needs to get braces for his youngest girl's teeth and his son needs new shoes and football...
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The latest debate is over gun control -- again -- as if no other weapon kills people. After the massacre in Aurora, Colorado this week during a Batman Rises premiere, people are screaming gun control and if only someone in the audience in this concealed permit state would have had a gun. My best...
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A utopian paradise is possible as long as there are no people. The Shakers had it, but they all died out because sex was not an option, not even for procreation. No sex = no offspring = oblivion for the sect. Thomas More died for his utopian beliefs, and because he wouldn't agree that King Henry...
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I’ve often heard the argument that since America already has a socialized education system and a socialized welfare system, why do we have such a hard time swallowing socialized medicine?   Yes, every U.S. citizen up to a certain age has an equal right to an education, and we pay a lot of taxes to...