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"Don't give up," people say. "Stick it out. Don't quit. Quitters never win and winners never quit." Sorry, I do disagree. I admire the quitters. I envy them. Yes, I'm guilty of quitting envy. See, I can't quit. I can put things on hold, stop working on it, come back to it later, but I can't quit....
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There are two support patterns that help to structure our lives--routine and ritual, and they are not the same. Routine means habits that give form to our daily lives--brushing our teeth, changing our underwear, eating at specific times, making appointments. Routine requires discipline, and...
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Ishta (below) has done remarkably well. She comes to greet us in the mornings, tail up and wagging. We’re moving on to leash acceptance. As soon as she saw the collar and leash she bolted. I imagine the last time she saw one, she was being dragged away and stuffed into an animal control crate....
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Ishta is a wolf-hybred who came to a breed specific rescue facility where my daughters and I volunteer. Sadly, after witnessing the shooting death of her littermate, and experiencing  the same threat to her own life, Ishta was highly fearful of humans.  Since wolves and northern breeds...
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A longtime friend messaged me on Facebook yesterday to alert me I need to change my profile photo to a more flattering one. I snapped it in my sunny Istanbul kitchen on my iPhone last month. I’d just had my hair done — and a facial, so not a stitch of makeup. I look somewhat natural, and somewhat...