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  I've written an open letter to Russell Brand in response to his calls for revolution. It appears today on EconomicPolicyJournal.com:   Dear Mr. Brand, Let me start off by saying that I’m a huge fan. I haven’t seen your live show yet, but I’ve been really impressed by every one of...
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The word Socialist is thrown around a lot, as if it were a "bad" word. I thought it was a good word to look up. Here's what I found. Socialism is a political and economic movement advocating the doctrine that the public owns and operates production and distribution of goods. Meaning that the...
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Extremism weakens an argument and such is the case with Gardner in the following excerpt from his The Art of Fiction: "One trouble with having read nothing worth reading is that one never fully understands the other side of one's argument, never understands that the argument is an old one (all...
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Meanwhile, back in Brum it was time for gig number 50 – March 26 1979, The Barrel Organ. The Barrel Organ sat like a brick wart on the arse of Digbeth. We’d played there a dozen or so times, including losing a weekly residency after four gigs when too many people showed up and someone smashed up...
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I Voted - And I voted in a way that my vote was not purchased through income re-distribution by the federal government or through a four to one commercial buy on television. The Main Stream Media did not suppress my vote or depress this voter even though I live in a bankrupt Blue State that is 18...
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THE MOVIES: Fall Movies - The fall film season is upon us, the time that many moviegoers eagerly anticipate, when the studios release many of their best films, films they think may be contenders come Oscar time. With Los Angeles Times Film Critic Kenneth Turan as our guide, we look at some of the...