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The Audience Of One :)  Does anyone know how many websites there are out there? Just wondering.  My feeling is that there are as many websites as people, and that the unit of measurement applied to the internet is not valid at all. Number of hits, popularity -- what does it matter?  For sure, at...
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  If you are a sociable writer with an outgoing personality and 800 Facebook  friends, hey, that’s cool. A lot of writers, though, aren’t and don’t. Some of us are more internally focused. Can you make it in the world of publishing if you’re the quiet type? I hope so, because I’m one of those. With...
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My web site creator and maintainer and I have been going back and forth about what to do with said web site.  It's a trifle elderly in terms of style.  In fact, it went live in its current style and color back in later 2000.  I had sold my first novel and knew that things need to be up in the air...
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For those who think they are too poor to leave anything behind, just bequeath your Spam. The Digital World is now rife with riches, in terms of email accounts, uploaded photographs, videos, social networking portfolios. If you thought you lived in a cramped rented studio apartment and have the...
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I want to tell you about something that happened  this Sunday past. I had myself a day of strange encounters with animals. I want to tell you about one of them.   I was on a deserted beach at Point Reyes. I hiked in two miles from the road and had just emerged from the dunes. I stood before...
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You ever have one of those days where you just can't catch up with things? Tonight's show was one of those events. I was running a little late due to work, children and the "I've just cooked that dinner you had better eat it before your show starts." I logged onto the system and...
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Are You An Author, Small Publisher, Or Independent Book Seller?  How Can We All Work Together? The book market is changing rapidly and it is time for the small publishers, authors and independent booksellers to unite to keep a small piece of the pie. No matter if you are an author, small publishing...
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  5-Star Rating for "Premium Promotional Tips for Writers" If you are spinning at the thought of promoting your book, Jo-Anne's book will plant your feet on the ground and point you in the right direction. Jo-Anne Vandermeulen not only shows you how many web sites there are to promote...
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I thought these long sessions, foreplay with words, the urgency to do something, shed inhibitions and garbs, the languorous moments with the seen and the unseen, as sentences were caressed and teased worked. Not anymore. Blogging is passé. Emails are...oh, no... A new study has found that brief is...
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Twitter has made me succinct. Maybe too much so (87). Rather than fully develop a thought (45), I always plan to (22) stop right here. (0) Come play on Twitter: "marshallbooks" I promise to keep it brief. Kate www.marshallbooks.net