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Author Leanne Dyck is lucky (and brave) enough to live on sunny Mayne Island off the coast of British Columbia. She is a women’s fiction author whose writing has appeared in Island Writer, Kaleidoscope and Canadian Stories literary journals. From 2006 to 2009 she self-published paperbacks, ebooks...
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GlobalNiche.net's gift to help you build your online presence your way: a 45-minute video workshop of solid basics for beginners & fresh perspective for intermediates "Before I watched this video workshop I felt I couldn't catch up.Tara's personable style and the way she...
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Social media and the Internet are radically changing our society in so many ways. The notion “word of mouth” takes on a whole new direction. In the past, it moved at a slower pace. Now with the Internet, “word of mouth” can spread like a virus on steroids. Hence the term…gone viral! Before the...
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This post was written while wearing my internet CEO hat (sounds attractive, no?). I welcome questions from Red Roomers about what does or doesn't apply to authors and publishing houses. For example, authors value self-expression, and some publishing houses, like Red Room Press, value the spread of...
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Little by little, I'm still lurching into the 21st century.  The latest baby step...an "author page" on Facebook.  Here's the link, https://www.facebook.com/runningwithstilettos, please stop by for a look and a "Like"! www.runningwithstilettos.com  
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We’ve seen this before and it never ends good. This time it’s resulting in an identity theft charge  for Ira Trey Quesenberry III, an 18-year-old student at Sullivan Central High School. A few years ago this would have been looked upon as a victimless prank. But times have changed and as...
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We should never pity the person with one true friend; instead our sympathies should be reserved for the person with a hundred acquaintances.  After all, quality is often preferable to quantity especially in relationships. We all know that person who walks into the room amid a flurry of...
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(quotation graphic courtest of Bright Skylark Lit Prods)   “Now come the whispers bearing bouquets of moonbeams and sunlight tremblings.” --Aberjhani (from The River of Winged Dreams)   Below is a list of a few links that have been shared with me and which fans of The River of Winged...
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Good manners are made up of petty sacrifices.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson Most of us have been taught the social graces necessary to behave properly in polite society; however, a good number has either chosen to forget or refuses to comply.  Good manners shouldn't be a cultural convention...
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Recently, I have been accused of being an elitist and that I don't evidence myself with enough humility and humbleness. I do understand and accept the need to maintain an open society for professionals and amateurs in all disciplines and I am all in favor of this, despite the internet being a forum...