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Get more in 2011.  Get more site visits.  Get more hits.  Get more and more through your social networking. How? Get More Friends Research old friends, classmates and others via Facebook and Twitter searches.  Get back in touch with people online.  It's not intrusive and it is socially acceptable...
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You can also find me on: Facebook Twitter LibraryThing Goodreads Bookblogs.ning Amazon Author My homepage
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By the time Jimmy Carter weighs in, with all due respect to the former President, home builder and Nobel Laureate, you can bet that's pretty much the end of the news cycle for that story. When I watched Mr. Carter offer an opinion about South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson the other day, his face...
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Recently, I followed through with a friend's request. She wanted me to check her website and blog. Frustrated, she'd asked me if there was anything she could do. Apparently, she'd posted great content but was puzzled when there'd been no traffic. Her fabulous articles sat empty of recorded visitors...
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Today you will learn how to *Conquer All Obstacles*. I'm going to share a HUGE tip that will allow you to Hit Over A Hundred Social Bookmarks With Just One Click (okay...make that 3 clicks). But first, there are some VERY IMPORTANT techniques that must be in place to ensure optimized search engine...
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All Twitter needed this last week was for Ashton Kutcher to be named the compromise president of Iran. Then the perfect circle of social networking, information gathering, and real-world events would have been balled up tighter than a Microsoft intellectual property-rights case. But in actual life...
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No More Fear http://gr5mom2.wordpress.com/2009/04/14/no-more-fear/ One of my biggest fears in life is getting lost. Gosh, my palms are sweaty just thinking about it. Unfortunately, having no sense of direction is not only a daunting fear for many writers; they also feel completely lost. And this...