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13 February 2012, Dear Friends and Keepers of Love: This campaign has galvanized our team and moved us to another level of commitment to Resurrecting Love.  The numbers tell only part of the story.  Inspired by our campaign, at least $2,500 of funding will come in to our fiscal sponsor,...
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Before I launch into this blog I want to apologize to those who may have sent me emails on my latest blogs.  My hard drive went down and I replaced it but lost emails.  Please forward or respond to my blog again and I will answer. This blog is about an experience I had here in Arkansas...
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One afternoon some years ago when I lived in the French Alps, I was driving home with my friend Joan, a Liverpudlian (or ‘Scouser’ as she proudly called herself) who lived in the hamlet below my house, which was farther up the mountain.  We had been for lunch in nearby Annecy, a medieval...
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  I have been on two road trips over the last two months with my wife Nanci.  These are my thoughts about the trips. Road Trip #1 Nancy and I went to see our son and our future daughter in law in December on the way to a wedding in Florida.  Jeff and Janelle live in Savannah, Georgia...
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We’ve all heard the often used cliche “knowledge is power.” When we are aware and conscious of what’s going on in the world, we are able to formulate opinions and plans of action for change. Knowledge hasn’t always been shared; historically those with power and control have opted to keep facts and...
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  I had a nightmare once, when I was a teenager.  I was in a small cement prison cell with damp walls.  It was cold and I had nothing to warm me--no heat, no blankets.  I looked up as a man entered and I knew that he came to kill me.  I asked him if I could write a poem...
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    I have been thinking about America the last couple of weeks.  What is America these days?  What do I see/hear/feel about America on a daily basis?  What is up with all the hate groups (1000 according to the Southern Poverty Law Center)?  Why is America so...
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“We have men among us, Like the whites Who pretend to know the right path But will not consent To show it without pay! I have no faith In their paths But believe that every man must make his own path!” Black Hawk, Sauk I believe that everybody has the right to choose their own path through life....
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One of the central themes in my debut novel, “Havasu Means Blue Water”, is the question posed by the protagonist, Lyla Amir, a feisty bi-racial graduate student, as she shifts through the murky history surrounding the 1918 lynching of a black farmer and his wife in the fictional town of Wilburn...