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Readers:  Please read my entries dated January 13, 2013 and February 23, 2013, in that order, before returning, here.   He shoveled the entire drive, including the turn around, the back walk, the back steps, the front walk, the stoop and the sidewalk.  When he came in and I paid him...
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Woke this morning to 34 degrees.  Snow was falling when I went to bed last night but it was done.  Snow was laid like sod on lawns and sprinkled on trees and bushes as decor.  None covered  any sidewalk or street.  They were clear and dry.  For some reason, as I saw...
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Our flirtation with spring ended. It was a brief, delightful affair.  She was warm and gentle. Grouchy winter has returned, spitting huge, wet blobs of snow down from his cold grey maw.  The cats aren't pleased, going to the door, going out, and coming back in.  Confused, they look...
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Photo: Movie's poster from Finding Nemo's Wikipedia page.   Some quick notes about life throughout the storm, a continuation of the previous blog entry here:   --One of the scarier moments of my life happened about four hours ago.  I let the dog out in the backyard (he kept me up...
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Photo: Captain Nemo planting his personal flag on a cliff of Antarctica, from the first edition of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.   There won't be much to do in the next few days, besides shoveling, so I thought I'd keep a running blog entry during that time.  I'll publish...
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We had some snow, a couple of weeks ago.  Soft, white powder sifted out of a dark grey sky all day, without stopping.  Eventually, the dusting on the ground and roofs thickened to a cloak, and muffled the city sounds.  I love snow.  The crunching under my boots, the sensation...
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Photo: A Florida Box Turtle, from the Wikipedia page for "turtle."  (You'll have to read below to get the connection between the title and the pic.)   Just a quick note:   My poem, "An Old Man," (which is not about an old man, per se; it's an extended metaphor, representative of...
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(1) Amen. (2) Yes. (3) Well, everybody does. But if you put your tire-chains on and drive a little more carefully, probably not today... (Image uncredited, likely due to subsequent multiple-vehicle crash.) -- Earl Merkel
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Well, gang, as of right now, it is snowing yet again!! One of those freezing, sleety-type of snows. It's still kind of pretty because I absolutely love snow. However... It is all of 19 degrees Fahrenheit out there today, which is kind of a heatwave, considering that most of this past week, it...
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  Dress Rehearsal – Christine Hamm     Someone calling, Mira, Mira, not so close. A white lake. Something frozen, stepping on something frozen and uneven. The seagulls clatter, pull the clouds into filaments. The moon, a lopsided mouth, enters your body and you drown again. Last...