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When we were children, we would have loved this.  Snow is falling!  School is cancelled.  Mom, can we go outside? Snow tales are emerging across the northern hemisphere.  Temperatures that seem more appropriate for meat lockers are claiming territories and causing death. ...
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November 30     Precious Cargo   Do I carry myself as well as I could?  Do I understand the value of what is contained within me?  This journey matters, it requires my attention and comprehension, if only I am able.  When I fall short the road changes.  The...
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November 17     Induction   I have a massive energy transformer that lives inside me.  It is explosive in nature and risky to toy with.  But if used properly I can power my whole world with the current which flows through it to me from my Higher Power.  If I use it...
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  I love snow. It's all soft edges, but crisp and biting.  Snow is moody.  I don't mind the cold.  It reminds me of being a little girl.  Fresh on a mountain or plowed to the side of the road.  There's magic in snow, maybe I love the magic. I live in the desert....
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November 8     Uggs   This is a big hurdle until it becomes a little step.  I will struggle with it as long as it takes for me to see it as something I can conquer a bit at a time, then, often as if by magic, it will melt into curbside snow and I can slosh through it in my boots...
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city ofChicagoin dayslong ago I sprinklesnowover buildings straightenthe bridgebetweeneras   PAD prompt    
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July 5       Tyler’s Truth     The snow is dying, pouring itself into the creeks and riverbeds.  Sacrificing its crystalline structure and community for the ubiquitous oneness of liquid.  Drawn by the gravitational lure of the ocean.  Unity conquers the...
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June 16     What I Heard Through the Snow   The commentator’s voice fades in and out as the reception is lost and found among the static of my drive home.  In here is a pattern, a connect the dots matrix; I try to feel my way too as I weave past the slow and stubborn traffic....
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  May 4       The Wake Up Call     I wake early and watch the lazy rain fall in slow fat random drops.  I view it with silent awe, only part of my recently somnolent mind bewildered.  Dawn advances toward me and I register a new concept: snow, it is snow; the...
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Today, five days after the book launch, we met an important milestone. Our crowdfunding campaign has reached the 30% mark! Crowdfunding? What? Yes, now you can know the truth. This whole writing-a-novel ploy is all about the musical. You may have noticed that the ebook is easy to get, but if you...