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          Why, people ask, do I wander the world?  Why do my wife and I spend time in other countries, seeking out places that are different from those we’re used to and are comfortable in?          ...
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A Life Without Pictures Have your yearbook photo taken.  Even if you can’t afford to buy any for yourself at least it’ll be in the yearbook and there’ll be one snapshot of you in high school.  You know how you hate your uncommon Mexican last name because no one else has it; and you long...
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Was writing in my head this morning as I walked to The Beanery for my mocha fix when I realized I need to do a snapshot for TB. I call them snapshots; Ellen Sussman said she calls it, 'clearing your throat'. Either way, it's an inspection of the setting and characters, a dive into their minds and...
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We planned on eating dinner out that day—only one day to buy last minute items for our Labor Day camping weekend trip. We drove around the block and around the streets, finally a parking place opened up. I had suggested we eat at the salad place. When we walked in, I was frozen by the long line...
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We board the shuttle for our destination and the mature gentleman who is our driver welcomes us and tells us where we are going. I am fixated on him and his words—steady and kind. He is tall, but not too tall and stands upright. He has silver hair topped with a ranger style hat. It’s his light blue...
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Numerous primitive and tribal cultures believe a person's soul is stolen when they're photographed. I wonder if a photograph shows a soul being drained. I'm delving into mental and photographic snapshots of my 12 year expat experience for a colleague's blog: one highlight, one lowlight. The...