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Did Dev Patel play James Bond in his first film? Has any non-mainstream Hollywood actor enacted significant roles? What is he cribbing about? He got to play a poor slum boy who appears on a reality show and wins a million. Now, he is jobless and calls Hollywood racist. There are several reasons for...
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She picked up a broom to sweep away imaginary dust. The industrialist’s wife who was with her promptly demanded another broom and started swiping the ground. The lady who started it is a White woman, a certified poverty seeker, do-gooder. Had she been any other colour, our Mrs Big Businessman would...
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In case you are struggling with the setting of the movie, here is an American interpretation. Snot nosed Annie lives in a depressing yet somehow charming orphanage. She is cute in a homely sort of way but just won't shut up about karma. One day she is cleaning the lavatories when a famous actor,...
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On the current home page of Red Room, in the Best Buzz of the Best of Red Room area, there is a link that will direct you to several excellent blogs regarding this year's winner of the Best Movie category, "Slumdog Millionaire."  If you haven't dived into them, go check them out. Reading...
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Last year, well before the now-ubiquitously adored Slumdog Millionaire was released, I promised myself that I would not add to the general hysteria. There were two reasons for it: the film promised to push every ideological and political button I have (for the record, it does!); and second, having...
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I've heard three kinds of complaints about the Oscar-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire. Here's my rebuttal to each criticism, because guess what? I liked the film. (1) "Unrealistic." Of course it was improbable, Mr. Rushdie. Escapist fantasy mandates good triumphing over evil. One can...
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Shafiq Sayed acted as a child artist in Mira Nair’s film Salaam Bombay 1988. This film was about Bombay’s communal riot and poverty. Shafiq was a poor boy [I will not call him a dog] from slum of Bombay in real. This film had hype at its pick. Mira got publicity and became a star...
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Slumdog Millionaire scooped up eight Oscars on Sunday, the most of any movie this year, including best motion picture, best cinematography, sound mixing, film editing, original score for composer A.R. Rahman and best song, "Jai Ho" for Rahman and lyricist Gulzar.Among the "Slumdog...
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I'm with David Denby, who wrote in The New Yorker about "Slumdog Millionaire:" "... every surface and texture shine glamorously, including the piles of garbage that Jamal and his brother live amongst. Boyle has created what looks like a jumpy, hyper-edited commercial for poverty --...
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My latest column for The Frisky is called To Movie Date or Not to Movie Date? I'm pro, my interviewees are anti movie dates. What do you think? Share your thoughts at The Frisky!