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Open the depot. Wait. Select My View. Wait. Select part. Wait. Modify.  Wait. Edit. Wait. Change values.  Wait. Next doc.  Wait. Change values. Wait. Next doc.  Wait. Change values. Wait. Save. Wait. Submit. Wait. Submitted. Repeat. Six down, seven to go, fourteen minutes each,...
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You may know your worldWhen come near and in the foldThere may not be any change with the season to feel coldBut something remains in you as untold World doesn’t belong to meAs I am undecided and not freeLove has absolutely no meaningAs I see sun only with shining The sun rays burn my skinYet I am...
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I'm a TV-eater. When meals are ready I take the plate through to the living room and put something on. If I'm eating alone in public I'll make sure I have a book with me. Lunch today was a wedge of cheese and potato tortilla with rocket, cherry tomato and beetroot salad. None of it from the garden...