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Slovenian roots quest | Slovenian roots quest

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“Don’t be afraid to treat it rough.” Treat me rough, baby. It sounded like a bad country western tune. But it’s not a song. This line appears in an apple strudel recipe in Woman’s Glory: The Kitchen, a 1950s cookbook published by the Slovenian Women’s Union of America. Last December, that yellowing...
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The square photo is black and white.  It has the scalloped white edges and contrasting dark background you would expect to find in a photo that dates from the 1950s.  The caption at the top reads simply “Christmas,” followed by the year. The little girl, dressed in a robe and pajamas, is...
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My grandmother was famous for her homemade bread.  And not just in her own family. One of my mother's recent recollections is this one:  My grandmother used to bake bread and distribute the loaves to people in their Slovenian neighborhood in Cleveland.  As a little girl, my mother...