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He was talking to Jan, making a point about their planned agenda, paying for a drink, tossing, "Thank you," to the bartender as he dropped a dollar and some change into a tip jar, when he grasped that she wasn't listening.  Blue-eyed, Jan looked alarmed and focused but distant.  As MB...
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Whenever I buy a loaf of bread, I always use the end slices to make a good sandwich for myself. Not everybody likes end slices.  They either get thrown into to freezer for future use or get discarded. Sometimes they stay forgotten inside the freezer buried underneath cartons of frozen food or...
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Sayles and Renzi give us a winner in Honeydripper, 29 May 2010 Author: vnikolaidis-1 from Greece John Sayles and Maggie Renzi have offered their audiences so many entertaining 'slice of life' movies but this is the best one yet. Slow and lazy times in the South don't necessarily mean the...