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Blackbird The blackbird insists that I shall not sleep And I find I must agree; In sleep I am  But observer, Not live - Still, in life I watch more Than I live.
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Hello everyone. Today’s post focuses on you, my readers. You‘ve made it through a rough winter, and soon, instead of wearing a heavy coat while outside, you will be wearing suntan oil instead, as you frolic on the beach! But what is going on inside your body – specifically your mind...
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Lately, my mind’s been preoccupied with thoughts, ideas and plans. Rather than go to bed with a mind full, I’ve been staying up a little later than usual.   I still rise the same time early mornings. Only better this time around with my sleep uninterrupted all night.   I started knitting...
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Awaken The awakening I get when I waken with you is this wakening like heaven with sunshine and smiles and pillows and blankets too
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     Sadie, my dog is in her usual position at the end of our king-sized bed. She’s stretched across the entire width in a diagonal angle which makes it tricky for me to find my own niche. I haven’t figured out how a medium sized dog can turn into one very long dog at bedtime...
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Awakening with this epiphany, I laughed.  Really, four epiphanies in one night of sleep?  It sounded like a strange play or movie concept.   This epiphany was about my daily mantras. I awoke with the realization that I don't really use daily mantras.  I use situational mantras...
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My third epiphany was about a dream about a blue healing light bathing me.   The dream had taken place last week.  It was a half remembered thing, not even half remembered, but a fleeting instant glimpsed and trapped in my mind's amber. Today was more of the same, at first.  I...
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After I fell back asleep, I awoke with an epiphany about a work problem.  I identified a common root cause in two problems and while I slept, I wrote an email about them in my head.  Waking up, I reviewed the thoughts and email, surprised and pleased by my conclusions.   I'd already...
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This epiphany was about writing.  It concerned two short stories I'd written.   The first was about a rejected short story that I'd just revised and rewritten.  In the revision, the character has an epiphany about thinking more and acting less.  This is related to his father....
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  Lying down, I wonder, Where is the usual stream of cars?  No trucks pause below the window, their hydraulics puffing and groaning at the stoplight.  There’s no misbegotten youth outside, yelling to each other, laughing, sometimes fighting.  It’s as if, tonight, they’ve taken...