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How beautiful! How beautiful and dedicated words are!You are so near and not very farI see you from distance as bright starWhy not you become my friend or "Yaar"*  I have waited for you to comeReady at gate with flowers to welcome You never turned up but sent only memoryFirst I was...
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Sky looks like a pair of stone washed jeans.I'll let my mind wear them for a moment or two.
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I went down the hall to turn on the lamp to throw some light into the shadows and noted that the porch door was open. I went to close it and it was then that I saw the sky had turned into a blush of apricot dotted with grey puffs that turned blue as the evening grew darker. I stood still, held by a...
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Standing at my kitchen window I see the moon. The fresh-picked basil and spinach leaves are draining in the colander. The aroma of the sliced peaches (once frozen)  grilling is sweetly heady and sensuous. I pick up the velvety leaves with both hands and breathe in their earthiness.  I am...
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Mist was rising off Stowe Lake in smoky tendrils as I began my early morning walk in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Patterns of sunlight foretold the advent of a breathtaking day as it filigreed across the hard packed earth of the path. Ducks and mean tempered geese along with other waterfowl...
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  Walpurgisnacht     Witchallow publications http://ow.ly/75wzU               Halloween is the time of the year when the Sun escapes the Great Hole in the Sky, as created BEFORE GENESIS. The Holy Bible informs us about the creation of the GREAT...
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I am made to rush and pushed to schoolParents want to make intelligent man from foolthey have different idea about their childrenThe school is the best idea o prefer often There is nothing wrong if that is tan age old perceptionIt was carried on since long from the inceptionIt continued for their...
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  Push to school   I am made to rush and pushed to school Parents want to make intelligent man from fool they have different idea about their children The school is the best idea o prefer often   There is nothing wrong if that is tan age old perception It was carried on since long...
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Montana's big sky loves a big show.  Today it produced mountain clouds.  These spaceship swirls are formed by mountain tops and are common in our sky at all times of the year.  The new twist is the circular rainbow.  A rainbow in a cloud sometimes means it is quickly evaporating.  But this is...
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People used to come to Fairplay for the gold.  This weekend, at the Lighthouse Writers’ Workshop Retreat, I discovered they still do. My CRV wagon traversed the same Colorado territory that had been traipsed upon by oxen and burros and horses more than a century ago, hauling splintered wagons with...