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All the Little Live Things by Wallace Stegner is a mid-career novel written in the middle of the 1960s, with all that era entailed as its subject.  Our narrator, Joe, has moved to California with his wife, Ruth, and hopes to enjoy a restful retirement.  He’s a naturalist, not by vocation...
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  August 31   CHANNELING     It’s a full feeling to be a channel.  Only an empty feeling when it’s blocked at the base of my spine and God can’t go to my head.  The river flows through me and my banks will hold.  Excuses dam me up and leave a dry and lifeless...
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September 1           Shadow of Doubt     The long dark cast covers my face, my thoughts, my life; it is the light blocked by my skepticism.  To tear down the obstruction means a profound change of my internal architecture; walls will have to be knocked down...
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A few days ago, a wise friend told me, "You've really lost faith in everything, haven't you?" But he had to modify the statement immediately. If faith means "confidence" or "trust," then I have plenty of it. I have what seems to be an unshakable faith in human...