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I got my first look at the cover of Prisoner's Dilemma! All the art, including the cover, is my sister Janet's work. I'd been re-reading her Flytrap recently. The physical features of the volume--nice paper, beautiful art--make that volume a tactile delight.  I’d been thinking about the look of...
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at this list my sister Janet made. I suppose I'll have to start paying her. Ten Top Reasons to Buy My Sister's Novel. 1. Because you need to read it all the way through, so you can compare it with the movie. 2. Because if you ever had a mother-in-law, this book’s for you. Can you relate? I knew...
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My sister and I didn't speak for more than ten years.  There were tiny blips of communication--some when my mother was ill--but from about 1993 until 2005, she refused to be in my life.  Even now, our relationship is tenuous, fragile, slightly slippery.  I don't understand it, and likely, I never...
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On my bedside table is a thick volume of the collected letters of the six amazing Mitford sisters, compiled by Charlotte Mosley. Although I've read biographies of the Mitford sisters before, I have never read so many of their own words, so unguarded, so clearly a reflection of six siblings' love,...