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Reprinted from www.sagaftra.org LOS ANGELES (March 30, 2012) — The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild are pleased to announce that members of both organizations have overwhelmingly voted to approve a merger, creating a new entity, SAG-AFTRA. SAG members...
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  The Brits are back!  Steven Zhou interviews British teen living in Italy, Joeleen, with her new CD, Welcome to My World and talks with London/Lagos raised poetry/hip hop star, Karl Nova. Reporters Jacqueline Tao and Eric Pawlakos chime in with Campus Calling and The App Rap. ...
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      It’s that timeWhen history is written in streams In the space between breastsIn the space between thighsIn the space between eyes The ebb and tideFollow the flow In the space between grandma’s wrinklesIn the space between mother’s armsIn the space between ovariesA past makes...
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A large cruise ship lumbers in.A high ranking government official with full security detail greets the tourists:''Welcome to the Banana Republic of Tipsy and Turvy.We want you to enjoy your Carnival, but please remember we can't guarantee your personal safety for the highly paid foreign police...
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Years ago I had the pleasure of working for Whitney Houston while she was preparing for her "I'm Your Baby Tonight" tour. Here's how it all began....I had been living in Key West, but had previously lived in Miami and had many friends still living in Miami. One day a friend of mine in...
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  January 7    Dion    Everything in the world happened before I was born and the cinders sift through my fingers.  Accomplishing cohesion of the ashes is a goal I have not yet achieved.  Cremains precious but meager are a difficult building material, shifting due to emotions and wind, I find they...
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It says a lot that even while its principle star struggled to conserve creative energy and was simply "warming up" for the actual live performance scheduled to follow, Michael Jackson's This Is It snagged the October 30 weekend box office in the United States with $21,300,000. It says...
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When I see these guys up on the stage with their Martin D-42s and their Breedlove A-25s just picking away and coaxing that rich tonal melody out of that acoustical sound hole into the microphone and onto the waiting audience, my eyes start to water from the I don’t know… the anticipation, the...
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You probably can't read the words in the note next to the accompanying photo of Michael Jackson, but they were handwritten by the singer himself during the late 1980s when he was constantly on tour and just as constantly a subject of much public ridicule and condemnation. This note was composed on...