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Silver Linings Playbook | Silver Linings Playbook

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Lately I've been watching a number of movies with endings that do not quite satisfy. These are all award-winning films, and I guess their way of ending adds to their uniqueness. The films are indeed admirable in most aspects. But the endings grate just a little on my nerves. First there is the...
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I went to the movies four times between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Here, as a public service, is all you need to know about “Les Miserables,” “Zero Dark Thirty,” “The Silver Linings Playbook” and “Hyde Park on Hudson.” I saw “Zero Dark Thirty” with my wife and daughter, and you must see this...
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Saw SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK yesterday. It will probably win every  movie award that doesn’t go to LINCOLN. Now, you can’t believe a word I say from here on as I am so connected to this film. 1. I lived in adjacent town where the movie is set, even attended the high school where the book’s...