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On Wednesday Major League Baseball fans worldwide received the news that future Hall of Famer and New York Yankee legend Derek Jeter will hang up his spikes at the end of the 2014 season. As a New York Mets fan I wasn’t very happy when he went yard in 2000 but as a baseball fan I knew that anytime...
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The point of the roof Is where John Jumped off They live on a cliff So it was a very Far fall
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I'm sick and I just ate a bowl of frozen peas.  I microwaved them of course, but they really didn't help. I usually get sinus pressure, runny nose sick, but this one is chest cough, floating head, fully clothed in bed with socks on sick.  Miserable. So, having to get up before I made a...
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I've never been..."in", "hip", naturally cool.  In college, I really wanted to hang out in a coffee shop with the rest of the drama department, smoke, read antiquated Russian novels and drink coffee...really strong black coffee. I physically can't smoke, I suppose I'm happy now that I'm not...
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More about me I wish to write more about meWith colorful desires sitting under treeMy thought may be set and allowed to fleeFind some one of my choice and see I wish not to live.But nobody may believeHuman beings are not only selfishBut make end also fine finish Ask even dying manHe will ask for...
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My wife and I drove down into California yesterday, a day trip from Oregon. My wife enjoys it and I like the drive and break in routine. Looks like it's becoming a recurring life feature. We're rut people. Amazing how different, again, it seemed in California. The air was warmer and more pleasant....
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Like most other teenage girls, I went through a goth phase as a natural blonde the black hair dye brought out my pallid skin to an even more tepid white.  And sure, I read every Christopher Pike, Anne Rice and assorted vampire book available.  Every book available.  But never did I...
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that little thing above your eye that beauty spot you say? no that little thing above your jay too that thing died ages ago you mumble? no you punch me in the eye and knee me in the jay you punched and kneed me I gasp? yes  
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December 22     Age and Death     When death was young It did its job cleanly no mincing about Now the uncertainty and old age tremble Leave the world filled with half dead zombies Living is less for the faltering of death I would rather be struck down swiftly with a scythe Than bludgeoned...
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"Don't get a swelled head."  "Don't be a hot dog." Those were the messages I got when I was growing up.  So I don't brag. There was that time I did share with you that I got one of those Mormon genealogy programs and had traced my lineage back to the Blessed Virgin Mother - she...