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A cover! A cover! I actually got a cover for my upcoming picture book, Rope 'Em. This is a red letter day (or, in this case, purple :-) We writers spend most of our lives waiting. Waiting that centers around the slow but steady movement of an idea to a rough draft to revisions (If I could, I'd...
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Ode to a Silkworm Small eggs so black and fine Unbend and crawl and dine But not on everything Even if it's green One treat alone will please Leaves! Mulberry leaves! Soft and fine and new But shake off all the dew A connoiseur can drown While chomping through and down We may die anyway If...
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I've been let out on good behavior for a few days having turned in my revised critical thesis. This basically means that I have time to take care of those fires that have been burning so evenly around my house. One is the Dr. Doolittle room, which goes straight to the heart of this blog: You...