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Saturdays are my favorite days. My world turns silent. Anonymity sets in.   I like being in a place where nobody knows me. I sit still. My external world temporarily shut out.   Eye contact and hand shapes take charge. There is no voice. I learn new things all in silence.   Saturdays...
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I am recovering from a drawn out case of laryngitis.  During this time, there was one particular day when I could not speak.  My throat hurt too much.  Because I am currently between jobs, I was able to indulge the laryngitis, and allow it to take its time over its tantrum. ...
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I was raised with ritual. From the first trickle of Catholic water on my head to the planting calendar for our garden, to the march from period to period in class, I knew where my body would be at what time of the day, week, year and what I would be doing. This wasn’t unlike many childhoods that...
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I watched The Artist during a silent phase recently. Not that I wasn’t expressing myself or talking to people; it was just a time when tranquillity got superimposed over words. The sentences seemed to wait. If what I had to say was happy, then there would be a lingering haze of anticipation....
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A sprinkling of people. Corner seats. Aisle seats. Large expanse of emptiness stretches. No cell phones ring. No banter and chatter. No rush for snacks during the interval. No guffaws. No sniffles. No sound of things falling. No stolen glances in the dark. No hands held. No thighs touch. No...
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    Achoo!  I love the way it spells the sound we make.  More than that, I love the sound itself on a page.  Last few days, Rebb and I have been discussing about howl, poems, and onomatopoeia.  I think it is ripe time for me to blog about it and memorize how to spell...
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They Accuse Me of Not Talking, by Hayden Carruth (listen) North people known for silence. Long dark of winter. Norrland families go months without talking, Eskimos also, except bursts of sporadic eerie song. South people different. Right and wrong all crystal there and they squabble, no fears,...
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I have written a book called THE BULLY CAT.  True story of how one cat bullies other cats for food and what happens to the bully cat for being just plain mean.  A learning book for children to understand bullying and what they need to do if they are being bullied.  Will be published...
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Today I am silenced.  Humbled.  Moved.   So, just this:   Please, join my heart here today?
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I want silence today.  No TV, no radio, no music...just quiet.  It's been a disquieting week and my mind needs a rest.  I've come outside because the dryer is too loud but now am faced with the neighbors air conditioner humming next to me.  The construction crew across the...