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VANTAGE POINT  a film review  by Jeanne Powell  © 2008 available on dvd   "Vantage Point" is a political thriller from Columbia Pictures, directed by Pete Travis, and it does hold your attention on more than one level. Leaders of several countries gather in Salamanca, Spain...
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Having authored a trilogy of thrillers based on Kate Conway as an intrepid investigative reporter, I’m pointing out some of the classics that inspired me—and based on their explosive story value may inspire you.  Citizen Kane (1941) The brilliant expose and bio-pic of newspaper tycoon William...
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by J. R. Wagner   Warning: Spoilers. Lots of 'em.   Second Warning: I'm a writer, not a movie reviewer. Oh and this is a bit lengthy -but the humor and obscure movie references make up for it!   Now that that is out of the way...           Prometheus  ...
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Photo: Not Dr. Redhead.  A redhead from everydayhealth.com   So I'm at the emergency room the other day, never mind when--and, actually, I'd been there two days before that, too, but I needed to go back for more bloodwork--and despite bringing two books with me, I was captivated by...
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  This is the sort of adventure movie that I'm usually drooling over, the missus simply tolerating and along for the ride. This time, as the popcorn and nachos disappeared, she leaned over and whispered, "I really like this!" It's a Ridley Scott flick, and by the time of the missus...