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While choosing the Valentines to send to friends and family this year, I began to think about Valentines past and when getting a valentine in the little pouch we made of construction paper in school was as much drama and pathos as pleasure. Charles M. Schultz did a few riffs with Charley Brown...
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     Ever been "the new kid?" Have you ever had to stand up in front of a large (or small) group and give a speech or presentation? If you have, then you fully understand the "butterflies in the stomach" feeling.      There are different levels of shyness and different things...
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If I cannot express my loveAnd if the society prevents itThen to live on this Earth is how?I understand not even a bit Just to tell a girl my mindIf I am denied a chanceHer thought how can I find?Are young men useless pawns? If my emotions remain undisclosedAnd love for her is in heart lockedIf my...
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THE SLAM Love puts a damper on enjoying the game of Bridge. My partner and I could play competitively. Really, we are that good. But to please my tender-hearted Chris, we only spar with friends. I do enjoy our games. Once a week, we clean the house and make a luscious dessert. I check the...
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Recently, I was befriended on facebook by an old friend from high school named Neil Kingsley. Actually, it’s a stretch to call Neil an “old friend”...because in fact I don’t remember us ever having a conversation (unless you consider “hey, how’s it going,” muttered while passing someone in the hall...