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While I know reviews generally don't sell books unless they appear in the New York Times, here is the quick review I posted at Goodreads.  Shrader Marks: Keelhouse  by Rob Smith  Drinian Press ISBN # 978-0-9833069-1-7 $ 15.95 paperback Two books in one...this one combines both an...
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I heard a pro golfer explain a less than stellar round by saying that he kept hitting his tee shots so that he was always "between clubs" when approaching the greens. Now I'm hardly an avid golfer (what did that little ball ever do to me?), but I understand the dilemma. Club heads are angled to hit...
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When we purchased the "project" (AKA our new old house), we realized that we needed to remove a few trees.  One of the trees we had removed was a huge old silver maple on the tree lawn.  To some, it was the end of the (possibly) oldest tree in the city, and they bemoaned that fact. ...
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A quick update on the "project" regarding the experiment of the crocuses in the front yard of our house.  The weather we are experiencing in the northern part of Ohio is almost summer-like (the seven-day projected weather forecast is for the mid-seventies to low eighties), and as a result, Rob...
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     My first novel was published in 2006. It was entitled Night Voices, and I figured it was a one-off. It was an attempt at an action/adventure, and I was happy with the result, though I was less thrilled as a writer in the sense that I was outside my "experience zone". I grew...
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Once again, from what I have observed reviews don't affect sales much unless it is one written by a reviewer with the New York Times, or is put on the Oprah book list.  However, having said that, I offer the following reviews: Fragments: Stories of Another Time Wilma Daugherty (author) Drinian...