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...I'd be the first human being to plant his boot on the red sands of Mars. I idolized Neil Armstrong as a child, dreamed of joining the space program, exploring strange, new worlds with Captain Kirk and his Vulcan first officer... Okay, so I had trouble discriminating between reality and fantasy....
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From our "Tales Of Near-Death Experiences" -files, a saga of ecstasy, rage, horror... and, one suspects, quick thinking. All this, nicely encapsulated in a single, minimal-word-count, screen shot. I'm trembling with envy at the mastery this bit of writing displays. -- Earl Merkel
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Here's a sixteen-minute short film version of a T.C. Boyle story, courtesy of Harper's. Enjoy. Harper's Visit my website here, and my FB Fan Page here for more on ideas and events that matter to me - and possibly to you.
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Q: Did you stay up all night last night, apart from a two-hour nap, in order to finish a short story that needed to be turned in, even though it was a Saturday night and there were loads of other things you'd have much rather been doing, like sleeping? If you answered "yes," congratulations. You're...
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So I've had a history of using Twitter solely as my rant against our Bosch dishwasher. To be honest, I have no idea what other people use it for. It doesn't fix our dishwasher problem (the dish washer simply doesn't), but it's an extremely cathartic way to blow off pent up... disappointment, rage,...
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I added another old short story, "Cranes", to my Red Room home today.  Frankly, I edited it a bit to improve the flow, which had been constrained by word count.  What struck and amused me from the story is the focus on mantras and affirmations at the beginning and end.  The First...
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  Sometimes magic happens! When I completed the final revisions on my short story, “Rachel’s Garden,” I set the goal that it would be published by 12/21/2012. It was time, I told myself, for Rachel’s story to have a publishing home and failure was not an option. During the course of this past...
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Walking back from their meeting, Jan clutches her file folder and notebook to her chest to keep all the warmth inside her down jacket. A cold lingers in her system. She starts coughing a horrible cough and her boss, Nevil, says, “are ya gonna live, Jan?” “I think so,” she replies. She’s gotten...
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Twas the Night The rain finally falls on Christmas Eve and everyone stands at the window, holding strong drinks and smiling, not saying much, just watching. The streets get slick and shiny.  Puddles form. Drinks are refreshed, cheeks flushed. The winking tree is reflected, refracted in the wet...
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Yes, indeed, my Muse has been a regular Kris Kringle this year, gifting me with a new "Zinnea And Nightstalk" story, just in time for Christmas. I get letters and communications from folks quite regularly, asking me when I'm going to write another adventure involving my daring duo of supernatural...