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Great news my friends. My short story has been published. After returning to my homeland Nicaragua twenty-one years after exile, I met a special boy. At that time the boy was one of the many homeless children that lived in one of the largest landfills, La Chureca. The day I entered the landfill of...
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My short story "New Normal" is now available for download from Untreed Reads in ePub, PDF, and eReader formats. Want to read an excerpt before you buy? You can do that too. It's also available from Smashwords in several other formats, including Kindle (of course, you can read a PDF on...
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Not One of Us accepted my story "Catalyst." It will probably appear in the October issue, in time for my birthday. "Catalyst" is one my favorite of the Alondra stories. Part of it is set in The Shot-Out Eye, a cafe in Prague where I drank absinthe legally for the first time...
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Paris Writers News is launching its first Short Story Contest. More information and updates will be posted on Paris Writers News.  Here is a summary:  PARIS WRITERS NEWS SHORT STORY CONTEST  Genre: Short fiction (with some link to Paris) Closing date: 30 November 2010 Prize: 200 euros for first...
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I've been adding to the adventures of Louis Dumkowski in my 'Postal' series of short stories - now up to four and working on a fifth.  For a change of pace, I tried my hand at a western and a coming of age relationship piece (with a bit of dialect).  Ghost Riders (http://www.fictionwritersplatform....
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Susan O'Neill is the last in my series of writers with military backgrounds - she was a battlefield nurse in Vietnam with an amazing short story collection to her credit.          It's a pleasure when a new writer has something to say and says it well. Former army nurse O'Neill's debut story...
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I'm delighted to have my new story, "Varietals," published as Story of the Week at Short Story America. It's presented in book format for your page-turning pleasure. Register to read; membership is free. Many thanks for reading.
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I’m taking 10 days off for a family reunion, followed by a July 4th weekend trip with the grandkids to Cherokee, North Carolina, a mountain tourist trap. Speaking of traps, I’ve just posted a short story on my profile page: The Prince of Traps. See you in July!
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It’s the perpetual call of the beautiful weather we have here in L.A. that blinds us from the consequences of giving into it. Days spent tanning on white-sand beaches or by sparkling water-filled swimming pools melt the mind and dull the senses. Of course we can take our laptops with us to write,...
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His tongue snaked between each toe in sympathy. He knew something was wrong with her feet, and the only way he knew how to fix things was to lick them until they got better. She was his mistress after all; his owner. He sniffed at the other bare foot with a nose a thousand times more sensitive than...