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Short story contest entry | Short story contest entry

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 Convenience stores in certain cities stocked the tickets. Advertised as the “once in a lifetime experience,” Ellen Sweeney purchased as many as her household budget would allow. It was no surprise to Ellen when she validated her winning numbers. It was confirmation that she and her family were...
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  Pink canvas shoes kick up dust while walking the gravel and sand road to Grandma’s. Looking down at the darkened creases they reflect how many times the road has been walked. A dusty cloud swarms up into the air like a fog tickling an inherited nose. The afternoon sun beams down giving the...
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Before the last leaf fell, she would go.  Climb out of this bed.  Crawl down the narrow staircase.  Slam the door on sadness.  An ancient maple branch hung just outside her window, its bark as wrinkly and lined as an old woman's hand. If she didn't get out of here soon her own smooth skin would...
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 He sits next to me, his right hand rubbing his face, his forehead, eyes, cheeks, stubbleonchin, and then it does not stop but continues onto his right leg. Not a quick furtive motion, as if he does not want people to see what he is doing, but a slow one, all along the length of his...
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I guess it all started that night in the old abandoned building across the street, although the feelings that paved the way had been festering for a long time before that. Feelings of…emptiness? Is that the word I’m looking for? Sure, I had an okay job, an adequate apartment, a passable sort of...