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Who Can Save Us Now? Brand-New Superheroes and Their Amazing (Short) Stories is out now! Featuring a new story by me! About Sea-Monkeys! Some kind words about this fantastic anthology, edited by Owen King and John McNally: This high-quality collection contains 22 original stories presenting brand-...
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Today on LitPark.com,meet Xujun Eberlein, a tremendous writer and social commentator, who has just published her first book, Apologies Forthcoming. This collection of short stories features relationships that are complicated by China's Cultural Revolution: lovers who can't be together, a family...
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This past week I received a form rejection, another one of those "Thank you for submitting but due to the volume of material received..." The thing is, I had sent off the story over a year ago and had completely forgotten about it. It was--and will be--the last tale I will ever bounce...
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Most people podcast their own work, but I've never done things the conventional (read "right") way, and so I've begun by reading a work by author John Kessel, "Every Angel is Terrifying." You can listen to it at http://www4.ncsu.edu/~tenshi/Podcasts.htm And for those of you in...
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Check out the new issue of The Smoking Poet, including an interview with Sue Miller and fiction by Lynn Stegner, Kris Saknussemm, Mark Batable, Lauren Baratz-Logsted, and many more. Plus some incredible poetry, including submissions by Cheshire, England Poet Laureate Harry Owen. It's all here: http...
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I'm just putting the finishing touches on my third short story for the Fenway Fiction series, and am starting to turn my sights to the next project. There are the perennial contenders, of course (God Coffee, I Miss You, for one, which has been around for so long that its subject matter has come...
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I have a new story, "The Veil of Saint Veronica," in the anthology Santi: Lives of Modern Saints.   Order it from Black Arrow Studio & Press, or from your local bookstore, or from Amazon.
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Greetings to all as I join you in the Red Room. It occurs to me today as I construct this site that if I ignored the whole idea of monetizing my fiction, my non-writing activity might look very different. I'd rather be read than paid so if I ignored the whole drive to be paid, what would I do? If...