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Alice Munro is one of the few authors I have read who so artfully relates the throes of the human condition through her characters’ active and reactive thoughts revolving around people with whom they are intimate and others whom they’ve simply met on their path through life. Having just devoured...
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I have been meaning to write about my retreat experience for a while but other blog posts got in the way. Well, I have been thinking about it a lot, as well as those new year's resolutions again, because those 10 days at Anam Cara at the beginning of the month were the closest I have come to...
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When someone makes me laugh, I fall a little bit in love with that person. Whatever stood between me and the other slips away, at least momentarily. We are there, together, laughing, rearranging the world inside. Antonya Nelson has a wonderful essay, “Mom’s on the Roof: The Usefulness of Jokes in...
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The collection of connected short stories I've been working on this year is about finished in first draft. Strangely, it's probably my most coherent body of work yet. It's odd because I've written them without any idea where they're going as separate entities, and each story - except the last two...
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In the non-writing community, talk centers on labor Issues-the grocery chain was highly unionized-but in the writing community the talk is all of the eponymous short story, set in one of its stores.  In the tight form of a short story the beginning must match the end, a trait that's pronounced here...
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Here are some of my favorites published this year, 29 titles in all from short stories to novels, just in time for the frantic shopping season.  All the books are available on the shelves or by order at your local bookstore, from all the online retailers (including Indiebound.com), and last but not...
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Very pleased to announce that I have stories in Fall 2010 issues of Terrain, Stymie, and Salt.  Check 'em out!
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I love automatic writing.  Putting pen to paper with no advance planning, no preconceptions, just letting the words flow.  I've referred to the resulting efforts as "seismographs of the unconscious" and I think that's pretty accurate.  I'm often astonished at the insights the poems and...
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I had an interesting day doing something I've never done before. Normally on Saturdays, I switch off TV, phone, Internet and I read... generally a whole book in one day. But today I read halves of two books, Is God a Mathematician? by Mario Livio, a wonderful book about the history of...
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Help us get the word out! We now have a flyer for our Short Story Contest which you can download, print and post!   (To retrieve file click on Download Paris Short Story Contest Many thanks to designer Peggy Ford-Fyffe King for her wonderful contribution to the Best and Most Delightful Stories...