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     Like other physicians I know I don't stop for people who get sick in the street or other public accidents or injuries. You try to help or you do help and they wind up suing you for malpractice. It isn't worth it. So the first time I saw Eddie climbing up the cables on the...
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Mr. H had been a Utiful for some time before changing religions again. It wasn’t easy. For one thing he abhorred changing sex again. All Utifuls were female, and extremely pretty. The countless operations had left him feeling like a Plasti-borg, certified able to float in water and possibly melt if...
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You've turned forty. So what? Determined to keep life as it has been in your thirties, you step out of the coffee shop into the bright morning. Someone is following you. Read this 350 word short short at http://www.redroom.com/member/mmenacho Let me know what you think, please. Thanks in advance...
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Okay, all you amazing fiction writers (yes, you). How are your chops? Can you write a complete short story in exactly 70 words? Can you include BODY PARTS? Can you include the word YELLOW? Can you get character and plot and backstory and conflict and resolution and all that fiction stuff in there?...