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On this edition of the Phil Naessens Show SLC Dunk Managing Editor Amar joins Phil to discuss the latest happenings with the Utah Jazz, Jason Kidd and Dave Joerger named NBA Coaches of the month, Tracy McGrady pitching for the Sugarland Skeeters, Joakim Noah dropping the F-Bomb and...
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 A Trip Through The Google Gateway Would you use one book to do all your research on a subject? Probably not. That is what you do when you use Google as your only source. Google, as wonderful as it is, is not the only search engine in town. It is huge, yes,  but still limited. However,...
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     Browsing through the video-games behind the secured glass doors of my local Walmart I thought to myself "would it not be better to have educational videos as opposed to videos that create a fascination in killing?"      As one thought leads to another in...
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I am giving in to the chaos of construction.  Time away, even though it was only one night at the cabin, spending time with friends, laughter and a few glasses of wine, have given me the breather I needed.  I have cancelled the new book club meeting that I had scheduled for Wednesday...
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The police officers involved in the Mark Duggan shooting have refused to be interviewed by the Independent Police Complaints Commission about the incident.  The shooting of Mr. Duggan is widely believed to be one of the causes of last year's rioting across the UK.   Click here to read...
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The Tongue-tied Misfit and the Language of ViolenceStory tools Comments AAAResize Print Share and Email New America Media, Commentary, Andrew Lam, Posted: Apr 03, 2012 Editor’s Note: NAM editor Andrew Lam wrote a slightly different version of this piece in 2009 after...
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I'm working on the Tucson tragedy this week, writing for many different publications. So I'll try to post the links here, and more quickly on Facebook and Twitter. (Feel free to friend/follow me there.) Today I have two pieces up, and another one will be on AOL News shortly--via our own RedRoom...
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Here is the youtube video titled "Introduction: Jared Loughner." I screen-printed each frame, and copied them below. If these are too small to read, let me know, and I'll make them bigger:
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Noir mysteries sculpt imagery from the ice of vocabulary not the stone of definition. Stone is brittle, shaped only by tools. Mood alters ice as it weaves around characters while they struggle to live the plot without knowing their destinations or the consequences of their decisions. Like the...
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Michael Hacker McKaybees is a troubled man. Those who know him call him Hacker. Most do not know that his legal name is Michael. Back in college, after a stint in the Gulf War, he perfected the art of computer hacking, and years later, while working with the FBI, uses the skill to aid their search...