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My left shoe is untied. It has become untied before. Perhaps this is because I am right-handed and it is harder to tie my left shoe. Possibly this is a symptom of a serious neurological condition known as Left-Shoe-Tying Disorder.  I have LSTD.  I wonder if there is an LSTD support group...
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O, countrymen Miles can be covered If joy and happiness is sharedWhether it is human relationOr with any other indication  Hostility still prevailsMany people are killed and mechanism failsPoliticians talk of peace and do nothing Make life difficult and add fuel for something ...
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Our small gray tabby, Lady, loves my shoes. I don't mean that she says, "Oh, those are nice," as she washes herself. She throws herself on them, wrestles with them, and uses them as her fort when she's playing with her mouse. Best to her is when she flips her mouse and the toy seems to leap...
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September 20     Toolbox     I know just how hard it is to pick up the right tools.  It's like I know I have a hammer in the drawer, in fact I have two, so, why oh, why do I feel compelled to hit things with the heel of my shoe?  Trust and believe it is ineffective at...
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Journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi, who was kidnapped by Shiite militants last year, was being held by Iraqi security Monday and interrogated about whether anybody paid him to throw his shoes at Bush during a press conference the previous day in Baghdad, said an Iraqi official. Showing the sole of your...
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It was the shoe heard around the world. An Iraqi man threw his shoe at President George Bush at a news conference. The president ducked. The man aimed his other shoe at Bush. Again, he missed. This happened Sunday night at a news conference in Iraq while the president spoke. Some might have thought...