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  There's something about Old Japan that draws me in again and again. I don't know what it is. When I see old wooden buildings and the earthy ways in which people went about their lives, I feel a nostalgic ache that's almost unbearable. (I feel no such nostalgia for almost anything in my own...
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Let's start with a quiz! What do you think the following word could mean? 血迷う (ちまよう)     blood + to lose a. to lose dangerous amounts of bloodb. to menstruatec. to give bloodd. to lose one's mind Photo Credit: Eve Kushner Here's the answer: d. 血迷う (ちまよう: blood + to lose) means...
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To tour Shodoshima, the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea, my husband and I hired a driver for the day. I knew beforehand that he would speak no English, and I worried about how well we would be able to communicate. Actually, it went better than expected. Most of the time, he spoke...
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Ah, where to start? What a whirlwind trip I took to Japan! In a little more than a week, I hung out (usually for long periods) with 14 people, including four proofreaders, the main JOK web designer, and dictionary guru Jack Halpern.  Aside from all the ways in which I enjoyed these...