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Martin Sheen, age 21, with son Emilio EstevezCo-author Hope Edelman Ever since I read Shirley MacLaine's 2001 book The Camino about her walking the Camino de Santiago - a 500-mile pilgrimage in northern Spain - alone when she was in her sixties, I've been fascinated...
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PBS phenomenon Downton Abbey has vowed to continue for a third season. Film critic Roger Ebert tweeted yesterday that Shirley MacLaine will join the Masterpiece program next year. CNBC News  also confirmed this announcement. The Oscar-winning actress will play the mom of Lady...
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A pair of legendary creative entertainers will receive career honors.    Shirley MacLaine has been selected by the American Film Institute to receive a 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award, four years after her younger brother Warren Beatty was recognized. She will be their 40th...
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I actually have to leave here in an hour so I'm going to go ahead and study that French super hard right now!! (See post from yesterday.) Yes, that's right, I did not study French yesterday. I sort of cleaned house a little bit, but then Bill & I watched a movie (!!) that we got on a whim at...
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(First in a 12-part monthly series) WHAT A WAY TO GO - The script parodies the curse of a frustrated widow (by four husbands) searching for a thrifty, humble life. She succeeds in inheriting gobs of money by offering seemingly innocent suggestions which lead to each spouse’s demise. The story is...