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  That Lila would hold her own daughter back (and tell herself it’s out of love) shows how women do each other in by becoming the foot soldiers who enforce the very beliefs that are meant to undermine them.   That “All-American Muslim” boldly addresses women’s (mis)treatment isn’t the...
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Here's my review of A Privilege to Die: Inside Hezbollah’s Legions and Their Endless War Against Israel — by Thanassis Cambanis (Free Press).Most books on Hezbollah tend to focus, in one way or another, on the Lebanese Shia group’s fundamentalist politics. That’s in contrast to what strikes you as...
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Dear Reader, Controversy continues over “The Jewel of Medina” — first the question of UK distribution and then a small protest at a book fair in Armenia, where the novel has “record sales,” according to a rough translation of an article — and reviews are starting to come in of “The Sword of Medina...