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Photo: from the AP's Bullitt Marquez, on msn.com.   Some very quick randomness:   --I sold my pool over the summer, but I kept the cover for it because the guy didn't want it.  I just used it to cover my best firewood and my expensive double Adirondack seat, and my entire shed...
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Photo: Captain Nemo planting his personal flag on a cliff of Antarctica, from the first edition of Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.   There won't be much to do in the next few days, besides shoveling, so I thought I'd keep a running blog entry during that time.  I'll publish...
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Have you ever walked a lonely road, on a cold and cheerless night, and watched the moon make silvery paths,with beams of silvery light? Did you see a farm that hides its face, behind the moaning trees?Then from its core, a voice would speak, a frightened, warning breeze. Atop a hill, before your...